With the new tables designed for this discipline and the big wake of our Nautique G23, you will perform the same movements at sea, the boat speed is smaller than for wakeboard and weight on one side is placed, producing a wave crested, such as wave breakers. Of course you put the weight of the band that suits you to be comfortable behind with your table.
The big wave, supervised and created by Gabi diaz and Dominic Lagace (Both, top ten of the world) makes the experience is unmatched wakesurfing at Wake School, increasingly popular as never seen before, call us !!.
In Argentina has some seasons, but only in September 2003 Gabriela Díaz after signing with the brand world champion, introduced into waters of Delta the first Hyperlite broadcast, causing a sensation and attracting many enthusiasts to see and experience their feeling.
In the section videos of this website, you have clips starring Gabi, a top cultivators of this discipline in the country. Do not miss !!

World history

The world of wakesurfing was first in 2003, with great concurrence of public and competitors, repeating the following years. In 2005 for the first time in history a Latin American representative qualified for this tournament, (we are talking about Gabriela) achieving a fifth place and positioning itself as the world's top five in wakesurfing, receiving congratulations and gratitude of all media and event organizing companies, for being the first Latin American to intervene and achieve such performance. Repeated in 2007 and 2008, 2011, 2013 and up to the world podium.

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