ALL YEAR: Classes will be issued daily from 10.00 hours, until the sun falls, the school is open 4 seasons year.

INCLUDED EQUIPMENT MODEL LAST: Wake School will provide the necessary equipment If the student does not have it. Classes last approximately 40 minutes¬†between theory, practice and preparation of the team, just practice has time limit because they are 20 minutes in the water. Each class will2 instructors, one driving the boat and the other totally dedicated to your teaching.

SPECIAL BOAT: Several seasons you prune try the best boat in the world for practicing wakeboarding or skiing. We are the only we put your classes for a boat of tremendous features. 

ALL SPORTS: We are a comprehensive school sports Water: Wakeboard, Waterski, Wakeskating, Wakesurfing.

PERSONAL ATTENTION: All our visitors have gone with a smile and the satisfaction of having found what they were looking for attention professional instruction and dedication. (2 instructors per pupil, fully customized) classes.

UNLIMITED: Here you can upload to a wakeboard or skis for the first time in less than 30 seconds, regardless of age. We have students ranging from 1 year and 8 months (our record on skis), and 2 and a half years (our record with wakeboard), up more than 60 years.


BOOKING: The class schedules are fixed advance by students and Wake School, can vary by agreement.
Wake School is not responsible for damage to boats and equipment.

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