It is to develop maneuvers on a board, being towed by a boat and being able to use the waves of it, to propel and perform aerial tricks.
has been spread in an extraordinary way, since it has much facility for learning and has no limit in practice of high performance athletes, reaching skills that do not seem to realize the human potential.
In the 80s, on the beaches of California as a surfer named Tony outlined Finn who, tired of days at sea without waves, he took a boat and used the handlebars and his surfboard to start with what would be 10 years after the sport had higher global growth. In our country, it does not have a clear start date, as many crazy skiers had experienced something similar, from the hand of the old Skurfers (Mixed surfboard with fixings), but the early 90s already seen many innovative through our waters. In 1995 he was given form, information and technical assistance to local sport, developing the Argentine Championships under the rules sanctioned the World Wakeboard Association (W.W.A.). For this reason a group of riders who represented the country in the world for the first time joined in 1997, reaching the desired GABRIELA M DIAZ podium (World Ladies Subcampeona). Today a mode called freeride both national and international competition takes place. In the same it is judged subjectively by the athlete 3 parameters: Execution (maximum 34 points); Intensity (33 points) and Composition (33 points). In this way it resembles disciplines which incorporates most of their techniques and make a show of harmony and visual display that holds the attention of whoever observes, arousing admiration for radical maneuvers, the top of his jumps and aesthetics of skill set.

Wake School history

For 20 seasons, the Wake School takes an incessant work to promote sport in childhood and youth, so much has been teaching record proves it fully. This sport attracted the attention of anyone who came into contact with him for that reason again invite those who wish to combine by the Wake School, adrenaline and skill to meet a discipline within everyone's reach. Our knowledge has been nurtured from large national and international champions even the smallest daring counting on the record for the youngest athlete, Octavio Tate, both waterskiing and wakeboarding with the age of 1 year and 8 months and 2 and a half, respectively. Another task in which we focus has been to show our sport around the country doing shows and exhibitions in the most beautiful corners of the provinces. Such initiatives not only aims to promote sports but also has the function of presenting the inexhaustible alternative that gives us the Argentine Delta, a paradise just 20 minutes from the Federal Capital, a place where respect for nature is a lifestyle.  
For that reason we encourage those who do not yet know, part of this close but mysterious world, and we invite those who already enjoyed to do it again. One of our foundation is respect for the environment and the nature and teach those who come to care for ecology and respect the basic safety rules. 
We believe that sport is a very healthy way to convey to an example of youth work to achieve goals, and a challenge to achieve medals. 
In short, we believe and love what we do and that is why we invite anyone who wishes to know the reasons for our passion.

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