How to reach us

There are several ways to approach our school, in all cases you should say you want to go to San Antonio River pier Gustavito.
With public boat, the company is Interisleña, usually leave ramp 1 Tigre River Station (Av. Cazón and Tigre River) 35' travel about.
With taxi boats 15' San Fernando marinas, by example.
If you come from one of the marinas of San Fernando as Sarthou or Marina del Norte should take Canal Vinculación to the junction with the San Antonio (Christ) then take it to the bottom right.

If you come from marinas of Tigre or Benavidez take Río Luján until Sarmiento, San Antonio it up and 200m
Public boats Interisleña 4749-0900.
Taxis Daniel 156-440-2450 / 154-406-0463 Fernando. Check Rates previously.
The Wake School has nothing to do with the means of locomotion use our students to come here, nor published above. Latitud 34°22'47.70"S Longitud 58°32'59.04"O

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